Must-Have Commodity Products & Liquidated Items

Get everything you need for your business at Global Star Resources in Cupertino, California. Select items from a wide variety of commodity products, general merchandise, and liquidated items.

Commodity Products

Stock up on valuable commodities such as corn, soybeans, rice, coconuts, and other items. We update our inventory every three weeks, so you enjoy the newest products. Items do not come with any warranties or guarantees. If you are interested in purchasing these products, please contact us to schedule arrangements. Origin is USA, Brazil, Philippines, India and Vietnam.


Grains - Commodity Products


Ferrous and NON ferrous metals

Our Ferrous and NON ferrous metals can be inspected after a Purchase Order. We give FAS pricing. Origin is USA

Metal Transmission



Plastic Samples

The plastic samples when purchasing is not to be less than 3, 40 feet containers. We give FAS pricing.



Wines are to be purchase in a minimum of 20 ft container. It’s exported directly by the wineries. Regulations applied.

General Merchandise

At our company, we strive to make everything easier for you. That is why we carry a wide range of items to suit all areas in your home. Our inventory items include jeans, air conditioners, refrigerators, clothes, bags, cell phones, as well as other products. All general merchandise items are final sale, and we update our stock every two weeks. With our general merchandise, you have the ability to buy and resell items, as they come brand new.




Liquidated Items

Purchasing liquidated items is a great way to acquire top-quality items at low prices. Our inventory includes products that are older or in excess. These items include clothes, kitchen appliances, LCD televisions, tablets, or products that were returned. There are no warranties on these items, as they are final sale. We update our inventory every three weeks.

Liquidated Items

Liquidated Items

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