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From Used, Tested, Untested or Refurbished

Major Brands like Dell, HP , IBM, Samsung



Image Description Qty(*ongoing)
Conditions Price Remarks

Samsung monitor    model MD230X6,         Size 23" LCD

ref# LCD23001

250 pcs

Grade A . Used  working,  .  Resolution 1920 x 1080.

call or email

Wght: 95.2 lbs. Input VGA comes w/ brackets for each piece

Hard drives,  3.5". 250 gb IDE model WD2500JB,WD2500AAJB



8000 units
Used , tested working. 90 day warr
call or email 20 units in a box. Western Digitan and Seagate

   Mixed LCD monitor          sizes 17 to 20" monitor          2000 units*
Used , untested  call or email

More can be added. No broken screens. 17"+ . Major brands    ( usually 3 brands)

Laptops Mixed brands          Majority are Dell and HP      C2D and Duo cores and few     I series .

    1500-2000 units* Used , untested. No hdd or with HDD. Customer has options.
 call or email

Used sorted according to speed. Comes with AC . Ask for details

 PC systems Mixed brands  C2D .

ref# SYSC2D012

  1700-4000 *
Used, tested.  as no HDD
 call or email Sorted by speed  Major brands. Select type of condition. Ask for ldetails
 Tablets       ref# TA7010
  5,020 Unsorted  call or email Not sorted. Mixed brands.
 DVR           ref# DV0180
  5,000  with HDD
 call or email  Maximum 5K per   container


Coming from fields, facilities washed or unwashed, sorted or unsorted

PP, PET, PE, ABS.  Origin- USA.                                                                                                                     
Soy beans, yellow corn, rice, coconuts origin from Brazil, Vietnam, India, Philippines                                          
Ferrous and Non Ferrous, Origin- USA                                                                                                       
Wines-  Origin -US                                                                                        

Image Decription- Plastics
Qty Condition Price Remarks

 PET- Xray films

ref# PETX0149


  10 -20 LOADS monthly

desilvered, some blue tint,some clear, no acid/bases. 3% moisture.  enzyme proces

 call or email



40K on 40 ft.    Load a few tostart. Email for pictures

PP with PET/ PE w/ PET- materials comingled

ref# PETP013

10 -20 LOADS monthly baled & rolled materials. Comingled

email booked , load, weight ticket & pay.   Looking for   contract after few loads. EX YD

40-42K per contain. Ratios varies, it can be 25% -75%. Pictures available upon rquest

LDPE- Strawberry films  PET#LD0341  10 loads Rolled. Recovery around 60% email , FAS port in CA

40-42K on 40 ft.

Pictures available upon rquest


Image Description- Ferrous & Non Ferrous Qty Condition Price Remarks
_ Auto Transmissions 4 million lbs Used, clean Email, FOB YD

Inspection with Purchase order

Pictures available upon request





From appliances, cameras, tablets, lcd tv's,. laptops, bags, jeans,food


Image Description  Qty Condition Price Remarks

Housewares, Lawn , Garden, Kitchen, toilets

refer#  HD 

3 loads Customer returns/ excess mdse still in boxes
 Call.  60% off original price
30 pallets each load. Agressive pricing. 400 items for  each load